How to prepare for pregnancy scientifically

How to prepare for pregnancy scientifically

Posted Mon, 09/04/2017 - 17:54
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The concept of eugenics has been recognized by more and more people. Mothers adjust their body and mood to a proper state before pregnancy, and the birth of the baby will be healthier. So how should science be prepared for pregnancy? 

Today, share with you the knowledge about scientific preparation.

How to prepare for pregnancy scientifically

First, how to prepare for science?

Scientific pregnancy includes not only conditioning of good physical state, but also includes the adjustment of mood. The regulation of the body mainly involves diet, exercise, sleep, etc. Both husband and wife should also relax during the pregnancy stage, and do not give themselves too much pressure. 

The scientific preparation method is as follows:

1, a healthy diet, can be properly supplemented with folic acid
Don't consider losing weight during pregnancy, be sure to balance nutrition as much as possible, and adjust your body to the best condition. During pregnancy, you should ban smoking and alcohol, do not eat fried foods, junk food, and avoid cold foods such as white radish, watermelon, and melon.
In fact, most people's living standards have already met the daily basic nutrition. In addition, it is especially mentioned that doctors recommend that mothers prepare for folic acid supplementation. It is best to start supplementing in the first three months of pregnancy. Folic acid can prevent anemia in pregnant women. Reduce the probability of deformed children and promote the physical development of mothers and fetuses in the third trimester.

2, get up early and go to bed early, keep a regular schedule
Getting up early can make your body reach the best condition, and let you have enough spirit all day long. The human hematopoietic time is mainly concentrated between 10 pm and 2 am. It is best for your mother to be at this time. 

3, Perform proper exercise
Exercise can enhance physical fitness, and the body function is also a prerequisite for gestating healthy babies. During pregnancy, it is best to choose a soothing and relaxed exercise style, such as walking, practicing yoga, etc. It is not recommended to choose swimming, playing badminton and other vigorous sports.

How to prepare for pregnancy scientifically

4, master your physiological laws, use the basic body temperature to prepare for pregnancy
You can find a small book or use the APP in your mobile phone to record each menstrual cycle. Mothers with irregular menstruation must find a way to adjust their body before pregnancy.

In addition, basal body temperature is also a good way to measure the physiological cycle. The basal body temperature can provide us with a lot of information, such as measuring the physiological cycle, ovulation period, speculating whether it is pregnant or not.

5, don't put too much pressure on yourself, keep your mood comfortable
Many mothers are very nervous when they are pregnant, and they are always worried that they can't keep up. In fact, pregnancy is only a natural law. The more anxious, the less likely it is to succeed. It is better to relax and let it go.

6, do eugenics check before pregnancy
There may be differences in pre-pregnancy eugenics screening programs in each hospital. Common pre-pregnancy eugenics tests include Toxoplasma gondii, cytomegalovirus, herpes simplex virus, rubella virus, and human papillomavirus. Infection of any of these may result in Pregnant women abortion, premature delivery, fetal malformation or disability, it is recommended that mothers carry out relevant checks before pregnancy to achieve the purpose of prenatal and postnatal care.


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