Precautions for water birth

Precautions for water birth

Posted Fri, 09/14/2018 - 16:20
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Precautions for water birth

Water birth has high requirements for the delivery environment, delivery process, maternal status, and fetal condition. If you want to try the expectant mother in the water, be sure to check the hospital's supporting facilities, Ob related experience, in addition to do To the following:

1. There must be a complete set of equipment such as a professional birthing pool and a water purification treatment device to provide a comfortable and safe delivery space for the mother and to ensure the safety of the water.

2. the process of childbirth must be professionalized. If you must cut the umbilical cord when you take the baby out of the water, you must take the baby out of the water within one minute of the baby's output. Otherwise, the baby's lung leaves open and breathe. There is a high risk of drowning.

3. The water in the tank must be replaced regularly during the production process. Otherwise, the blood and secretions of the maternal woman in the water will not be diluted and discharged, which may cause maternal and baby infections.

4, maternal age is best within the range of 20-30 years old, if the maternal age is less than 20 years old may not be enough psychological preparation for water delivery, and more than 30 years old maternal pelvic sclerosis leads to insufficient pelvic expansion during production Large, not suitable for childbirth in water.

5, the mother should go to the hospital to check the physical condition, the mother must have no heart disease and pregnancy-induced hypertension, no herpes, hepatitis B and other infectious diseases, and no history of abortion, normal weight, otherwise these factors will lead to syndrome in production, Not conducive to the health of the mother and baby.

6, the production process is not premature, amniotic fluid rupture does not exceed 24 hours.

7, the fetal position is normal, the fetal heart sound is normal, and the fetus must be a single child.

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