What are the symptoms before giving birth?

What are the symptoms before giving birth?

Posted Mon, 09/11/2017 - 16:20
By ryan

When the day of the expected date of birth is approaching, expectant mother expects the baby to be born also become more and more urgent, but the expected date of birth is only an estimate, so the expectant mother still can't know which day will be "unloaded." But you don't have to panic. When the baby and mother meet for the first time, he will give you some specific signals from time to time. Come and have a look!

Signs of childbirth

1. Increased appetite and frequent urination two weeks before labour day
Many expectant mothers will have decreased food intake and poor breathing after pregnancy. This is because the fetus grows up in the uterus and oppresses the respiratory system and stomach. The fetus will "enter the basin" two weeks before birth, when his position in the mother's abdomen is lower than before, so the pressure on the mother's upper abdomen will be reduced, and the pressure on the respiratory system and stomach will also be under pressure. It will be alleviated, so the expectant mother's breathing will be smoother and the appetite will be improved.

The lowering of the fetal position will inevitably increase the pressure on the lower abdomen. At this time, the expectant mother will generally feel pelvic pain, lower abdomen bulge, backache and pain, and because the baby's position is pressed to the bladder, the expectant mother may also have frequent urination. However, such discomfort only requires the mother to endure for two weeks, and the baby will soon meet you!

2. a few days before the birth, feel the belly tightened, abdominal pain, blood
A few days before the birth, the expectant mother will have a tight belly, pain in the lower abdomen and a feeling of swelling in the abdomen, that is, the legendary "contraction" will appear. 1-2 days before the birth, the expectant mother will have a lower body bleeding, but this is not the same as our usual period. it is the intrauterine membrane and uterine wall before labor. Separation caused. But not all expectant mothers will be in the 1-2 days after seeing the red, each person's physique is different, and some expectant mothers will be in labor after a week.

3. frequent contractions, water breaks indicate that production will be forthcoming
If the contraction time is getting shorter and shorter, it means that the expectant mother will soon see her baby. In addition, another obvious sign of imminent labor is breaking water – expectant mothers will feel a water in the vagina, a bit like wanting to pee, but they can't control it. Some expectant mothers have a special constitution and may not have contractions, but as long as the amniotic fluid is broken, they must be hospitalized immediately for production.

Expectant mothers should keep in mind. You always pay attention to whether your baby has given you these "signals" and then prepare accordingly. In addition, it is not necessary to go to the hospital as soon as there is a sign of production. If the doctor thinks it is too early, even if you go to the hospital, you will not be admitted to the hospital.

Usually, doctor requires a pain of "5-1-1" (once every 5 minutes, each time lasts for 1 minute, this state lasts for 1 hour) before going to the hospital, of course, if your amniotic fluid is broken, then no matter If you don't have a pain, you must go to the hospital right away.

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