What's the benefits of water birth?

What's the benefits of water birth?

Posted Mon, 09/04/2017 - 16:20
By ryan

What is water birth?

Water birth, as the name implies, the mother gives birth to the baby in the water. The first and second stages of childbirth are carried out in the water. The mother is immersed in the water. The newborn's head completely immersed in the water firstly, and then the whole body is completely delivered. Then the midwifery nurse will take the baby out of the water, and the third stage (discharge the placenta) needs to leave the water surface for treatment.

What's the benefits of water birth?

1. Help the mother to relax and shorten the production time
The slight impact of water waves can stimulate the skin and muscles of the mother, increase the elasticity of the maternal legs, pelvic muscles and uterine muscles. The calming and soothing effects of warm water can also help reduce the blood pressure of the mother and make the women more relaxed. The process of childbirth has become easier. Moreover, the mother can change the position of the body in the water by buoyancy and find the most comfortable posture, which can help the mother to open the pelvis more quickly.

2. Reduce the pain of the mother in the production process
Water birth can alleviate the psychological and physical pain in the maternal production process. The buoyancy in the water can relieve the tension of the mother and relax the muscles. The flowing water environment can lubricate the maternal birth canal, which can reduce the resistance of the baby to the birth canal during the production process. Therefore, the probability of perineal and vaginal laceration and postpartum hemorrhage is relatively low in the women who give birth in the water. 

3, help the baby adapt to the transformation of the uterus to the external environment
The water delivered is highly mimicking the amniotic fluid in the uterus from the water temperature or the water quality. It can buffer the impact of the earth's gravity on the baby's brain cells, reduce the external environment's stimulation to the baby, and help the baby to better adapt to the uterus to the outside world. 

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