Baby Crib Safety Pop up Tent: See Through Mesh Top Nursery Mosquito Net

Baby Crib Safety Pop up Tent: See Through Mesh Top Nursery Mosquito Net

Posted Mon, 05/20/2019 - 16:24
By admin
  • MOMMY’S PEACE-OF-MIND HELPER – High-End 55” x 51” x 27” Baby Safety Net Protects Your Precious Angel from Painful Falls, Pesky Bug Bites & Getting Stuck Between Rails; Choose the Highest Quality Construction Available on Amazon
  • DURABLE YET DELICATE FOR BABY SKIN – CPSC-Approved See-Through Tent is Truly the First & Finest of its Kind with BPA-Free & Hypoallergenic Mesh Cover & Exclusive Design Patented in 1998; Fits All Standard Baby Beds w/ 51”(130cm) L x 27”(69cm) W Mattress
  • SNUG FIT FOR SUPERIOR SAFETY – While Competitors Cut Corners w/ Cheap Mesh & Rough Material, Our Canopy’s Satin Base & Thick, Flexible Netting Are Velvety to Touch & Install Perfectly Over Crib So Baby Never Gets Scratched or Tangled
  • SELF-LOCK ZIPPER & DOUBLE TIE DESIGN – Don’t Be Fooled by Misleading Listings! Our Pop-Up Cover is the Only One w/ a Sturdy Auto-Lock Zipper to Prevent Infant from Opening; We Also Include [2] Built-In Ribbons Per Corner for Unrivaled Safety
  • CHIC UNISEX STYLING & EFFORTLESS SETUP – Bring a Stunning Silhouette to Your Nursery: Just Slide the Flex Frame Wires Through Loops, Tie Ribbons on Rails & Sleep Soundly;

 So my 2 1/2 year old one night recently jumped out of his crib. Nervous he would get hurt we put him in a toddler bed. Three nights of hell. We couldn’t get him to stay in his new bed never mind get him to go to bed. He was just too young to be in a toddler bed. We thought about putting a gate in his doorway but what about nap time. There was no way he was going to stay in his toddler bed for a nap. So after three long nights of not sleeping trying to get him to stay in his bed. We ordered this tent thing out of desperation. So it looks funny to be honest but it works. We are not going to win any contests for cutests toddler rooms but we are sleeping well again! He literally can’t get out of it. The entire thing is made up of a mess fabric. The tent goes under the mattress in the crib or toddler bed. Then it pulls up on the sides of the crib. The sides tie to the four corners of the crib posts at the bottom and top. Then there is a mess pop up tent part that crisscrosses on the top. We put the crib back together to give the front and back more support but it says it can work on a toddler bed. It would need somewhere to tie the side to. The top has a zipper to get the baby/toddler out. Im shocked how well this thing works. He didn’t like it at first put now he is use to it. But he literally can’t get out and he is safely contained inside. The mess is the same as the sides on a pack and play. I recommend this to all the sleep deprived worried parents out there who are having the same issues. It works and my toddler is safe and we are all sleeping again.

For 4 months my escape artist 2 year old had transitioned perfectly to her toddler bed. She would climb in, fall asleep on her own and stay asleep. Then xmas came and our traveling seemed to turn our happy sleeper into a constant night waker who couldn't fall asleep. We tried everything. Having a strict bedtime schedule and constantly putting her back in her bed over and over. We wanted to put up a gate at her door, but her room faces our kitchen dining/living room. We even started locking her door from the outside - truly heart breaking and even after a month it did nothing to help. She would fall asleep at the door, crying. She shares her room with her older sister who manages an extreme case of ADHD, needs good sleep and it was throwing off her schedule too. I bought this when I was at the end of my rope. The first night we showed it to her with excitement. We called it her "bed tent". She wanted in right away. She thought it was so cool. At bedtime she doesn't want to cuddle, she doesn't want to read books, she just says "bed tent" asking us to put her in. If I don't zip it up right away she points to it and jumps up and down until I do. 


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