Why is it prone to constipation during pregnancy? What are the symptoms

Why is it prone to constipation during pregnancy? What are the symptoms

Posted Thu, 09/07/2017 - 11:47
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constipation during pregnancy

First, why is it prone to constipation during pregnancy? What are the symptoms of constipation during pregnancy?

Ordinary people's constipation is caused by unreasonable diet and lack of exercise, but pregnant mothers seem to be more prone to constipation than ordinary people. Even many expectant mothers have no constipation before pregnancy, but during pregnancy frequent constipation, why is this?

In addition to the two factors of unreasonable diet structure and lack of exercise, there are two main reasons why expectant mothers are more likely to have constipation during pregnancy: increased progesterone secretion and uterine compression in the third trimester. 

The body's progesterone levels gradually increase during pregnancy, affecting the secretion of gastric juice and the peristalsis of the intestinal muscles. The reduction of gastric juice and the slowing of intestinal peristalsis cause the food to stay in the intestine for a long time. The intestinal tract absorbs the water in the food residue again, and the stool becomes dry, which increases the difficulty of defecation in pregnant women.

Until the middle and late stage of pregnancy, the uterus oppresses the rectum and causes the abdominal muscles of the expectant mother to become slack and weak. When the bowel movements are not good, the constipation is more serious.

In addition, expectant mothers taking vitamin tablets, especially iron supplements, may also increase the difficulty of defecation.

How to judge constipation during pregnancy? Symptoms of constipation during pregnancy are similar to general constipation. If the expectant mothers do not have a defecation for two or three days or even four or five days, sometimes accompanied by abdominal pain; or when it is difficult to defecate, it is dry and very hard, basically it is constipation during pregnancy. .

Generally speaking, constipation during pregnancy does not require special treatment. Mothers can adjust their diet and exercise to improve themselves. But at the same time, mothers need to pay attention to the fact that if constipation, diarrhea alternates, and there is obvious abdominal pain, or the symptoms of mucus or blood in the stool, it is likely to be constipation caused by other diseases, so please contact the doctor immediately for diagnosis and treatment.

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